City is rebuilding after the closing of the Chasm and the eruption of Mount Hotenow, roughly half a century before. Dagult Neverember is current Lord Protector, seeking to rebuild and reestablish the city as the City of Skilled Hands. He encourages trade and new businesses to set up in the city.


Protectors Enclave Located south of the river
- Most inhabitants live and work here
- Hall of Justice; seat of local political power and temple to Tyr God of Justice
- House of Knowledge; library and temple to Oghma
- Patrolled by the Minton Mercenaries
- Cuddly Dragon Inn
- Main Dock area
- small temple to Ilmater set up near Hall of Justice
- Moonstone Mark; floating island off the docks. Left over from the Spell Plague effects. Formerly a tavern. Now run down and known for its wild magic.

Bluelake District Located north of the river
- Rebuilding of noble and merchant villas
- Patrolled by private guards
- Castle Never; being slowly rebuilt
- Private docks

Tower District Located to the north east
- Shard of Night; rumored haunted crumbling black tower
- The Fallen Tower inn; neutral ground for neverwintians and orcs
- Home to Many-Arrowed tribe of Orcs
- Clock tower ruin taken as home of Vansi Bloodscar (leader of Many-Arrowed)

Neverdeath Main Graveyard & Paupers section
- Main graveyard contains large mausoleums & home to followers of Jergul (Scribe of Death God)
- Paupers section contains old mass graves and rumored home to necromancers and criminal organisations


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